A few of our products


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Assemblies, jigs, and fixtures

5 piece machined assembly

Custom anodized test stand

Custom arbor press assembly

Custom assembly jig

Custom test stand

Custom welded and painted cart with custom track

Custom wire holder

Hinge arms

Small assembly

Triangular assembly folded

Triangular assembly unfolded

Large panels

Large aluminum panel

Large black anodized aluminum panel 29" x 37"

Metal and plastic parts

Two part press fit bolt


Aluminum cover

Aluminum mounts

Aluminum plates

Anodized plate with PEM studs

Custom machined aluminum

Custom machined aluminum

Fabric clamp

Ground toolsteel plate with holes

Kovar microwave parts

Large painted steel plate

Mini parts

Mounting brackets

Pivot arms

Powder coated flange

Powder coated steel flange

PVC and Delrin part

Small hinges left and right

Small Kovar pins

Stainless steel adapter

Turned and milled hub


Part modification and rework

Machined aluminum casting

Circuit board rework

Fiberglass box modification

Large copper alloy terminal -- before machining

Large copper alloy terminal -- after machining

Machined bronze casting

Machined injection molded plastic panel


Repair parts

Antique Plymouth clutch, custom bushing and grease fitting

Antique Plymouth clutch, custom bushing close-up

Bakery machine arm repair

Custom painting machine clamp old (customer sample)

Custom painting machine clamp new (our fab)

Fabricated new printing machine handle (old and new shown)

Fabricated new trailer pivot parts (red parts)

Printing machine brake pedal before rework

Printing machine brake pedal after rework

Repair of display cart



Custom welded stainless pipe clamps

Large heavy machined and welded mount, unpainted

Large heavy machined and welded mount, painted

Machined, welded and powder coated assembly

Steel machined and welded assembly